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The letters MIDI stand for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, which is the name of a worldwide standard for digital signals and connectors that makes it possible to exchange musical data between musical instruments and computers (machines) produced by different manufacturers. MIDI compatible equipment can exchange keyboard key press, key release, tone change, and other data as messages.Though you do not need any special knowledge about MIDI to use this keyboard as a stand-alone unit, MIDI operations require a bit of specialized knowledge. This section provides you with an overview of MIDI that will help to get you going.MIDI messages are send out through the MIDI OUT terminal of one machine to the MIDI IN terminal of another machine over a MIDI cable. To send a message from this keyboard to another machine, for example, you must use a MIDI cable to connect the MIDI OUT terminal of this keyboard to the MIDI IN terminal of the other machine. To send MIDI messages back to this keyboard, you need to use a MIDI cable to connect the other machine’s MIDI OUT terminal to the MIDI IN terminal of this keyboard.To use a computer or other MIDI device to record and playback the MIDI data produced by this keyboard, you must connect the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT terminals of both machines in order to send and receive data.
1 Computer or other MIDI device
To use the MIDI THRU function of a connected computer, sequencer, or other MIDI device, be sure to turn this keyboard’s LOCAL CONTROL off (page E-54).MIDI allows you to send the data for multiple parts at the same time, with each part being sent over a separate MIDI channel. There are 16 MIDI channels, numbered 1 through 16, and MIDI channel data is always included whenever you exchange data (key press, pedal operation, etc.).Both the sending machine and the receiving machine must be set to the same channel for the receiving unit to correctly receive and play data. If the receiving machine is set to Channel 2, for example, it receives only MIDI Channel 2 data, and all other channels are ignored.
1 MODE 2 TRANSPOSE/TUNE/MIDI 3 Number buttons
7 [+]/[–]

What is MIDI?

MIDI Connections
MIDI Channels


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