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Denon AH-C710
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In-Ear Headphones

New model information

Acoustic Luxury

Featuring Denon's latest in-ear headphone technologies, the AH-C710 provides superb  delity and supreme comfort.

Combining Denon's exclusive Acoustic Optimizer technology along with our new Radial Cascade Damper system, the AH-C710 provides

realistic and lifelike sound with the utmost in listening comfort.

Acoustic Optimizer
The moldable soft foam ear-pieces Carrying case
Ergonomic design
Radial Cascade Damper
Hybrid material driver housing
Key Features
• Radial Cascade Damper reduces cable-transmitted vibration noise
• Acoustic Optimizer
Denon's unique Acoustic Optimizer technology achieves optimum acoustic characteristics by
adjusting the sound pressure balance in front of and behind the diaphragm. It minimizes mu ing in the
low frequency range, reduces modulation e ects in the mid to high frequency ranges, and achieves a
smooth, natural tonal response.
• Ergonomic design for best quality  t and increased comfort
• Hybrid material driver housing (elastomer + machined solid aluminium) for highest
delity sound reproduction
• Moldable soft foam ear-pieces
The moldable soft foam ear-pieces feature high-tech viscoelastic polyurethane foam technology,
which allows the ear-piece to rest where it should be - in the ear canal. It sends the pure music to the
ear canal - for solid, de ned bass response while at the same time sealing out unwanted noise. The
foam ear-pieces are 30 times softer than silicon ones. They literally go unnoticed when placed in the
ear and all you're left with is a clear and crisp sound. The moldable foam forms to the dynamic shape
of the ear canal so that even while moving around, they remain comfortably in place.
Other Features
• Dynamic sound from 11.5mm Neodymium magnet drive units
• Canal-type in-ear headphone reduces external noise
• Special carrying case with cable management
• Cable clip
• 0.7m Oxygen Free Copper cable with straight aluminium plug housing
• Extension cable: 0.8m with L-type plug
• Comes also with silicon ear pads in 3 sizes (S/M/L)
• Gold-plated stereo mini-jack
• Fully compatible with the original iPhone without an adaptor

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AH-C710 | AHC710BKEM
4582116362310, 4582116362327
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헤드폰 감도110 데시벨
임피던스16 Ω
드라이버 장치11.5 밀리미터
자석 유형네오디뮴
드라이버 유형다이나믹
헤드폰 주파수5 - 25000 헤르츠
헤드폰 형태귓속형
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