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Land Rover Freelander (2000)
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매뉴얼Land Rover Freelander (2000)
In addition to this handbook, your literature pack contains
the following documents:
Service Portfolio
This book includes important information about Land Rover warranty and
vehicle maintenance requirements, as well as containing a unique record of
your own vehicle’s service history. Ensure that your Land Rover dealer
completes the appropriate service record slip after every service.
In-Car Entertainment
This book contains operating instructions for the audio equipment fitted to
your Freelander.
Security Card
Your Land Rover dealer should have filled in all the relevant serial numbers
concerning your vehicle before delivery. These are important aids to vehicle
security; keep the card in a safe place - NOT IN THE VEHICLE.
Softback & Hardback Owner’s Guide - (3-door models only)
This book contains instructions for operating and maintaining the softback
and hardback, as well as for removing and refitting the roof bars (if fitted).
Publication Part No. LRL 0313ENX
03.2000 Freelander - 2nd Edition
Rover Group Limited 2000
As part of Land Rovers environmental policy, this publication is printed on paper made
from chlorine free pulp.

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Land Rover
Freelander (2000)
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