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For indoor use only. Valid for sale in all EU
member states, EFTA states, and Switzerland.
March 2013

Installation Guide

350 East Plumeria Drive
San Jose, CA 95134 USA

LED and Button Descriptions

Item Description
Power LED Solid green. The electrical power is on.
Solid amber. The adapter is in power saving
mode. Power saving mode is disabled by default.
Blinking green. The adapter is in the process of
setting up security.
Off. There is no electrical power.
Solid. The adapter is connected through the
Ethernet port to a powered-on Ethernet device.
Off. There is no Ethernet connection.
Powerline LEDPower LEDEthernet LEDFactory Reset buttonSecurity button
Powerline 100 (2-pack) XAVB1201


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After installing your device, locate the serial number on the
label of your product and use it to register your product at
You must register your product before you can use NETGEAR
telephone support. NETGEAR recommends registering your
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For product updates and web support, visit
NETGEAR recommends that you use only the official
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You can get the user manual online at or through a link in the
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Package Contents

WARNING: Do not press the Security button on the Powerline
adapter until installation is complete and the adapters are
communicating with each other (indicated by the blinking Powerline
LED). Pressing this button too soon can temporarily disable Powerline
communication. If Powerline communication is disabled, use the
Factory Reset button to return the Powerline adapter to its factory
default settings.
Solid. The adapter is connected to a Powerline
Off. The adapter has not found any other
compatible Powerline devices using the same
encryption key.
The Pick A Plug feature lets you pick the electrical
outlet with the fastest link rate, indicated by the color
of the LED.
Green: Link
rate > 80 Mbps
Amber: Link rate >
50 and < 80 Mbps
Red: Link
rate < 50
Mbps (Slow)
Press the Reset button for 1 second, then release it
to return the Powerline adapter to its factory default
After you plug in your new adapter, press the
Security button for 2 seconds, then press the
Security button on one of the other adapters in your
existing network for 2 seconds. Both buttons must be
pressed within 2 minutes.
To enable power saving mode, press and hold the
Security button for 10 seconds or more, then release
it. Pressing the Security button again powers the
adapter back on.
Item Description
Ethernet CablesPowerline 100Mini Adapters

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