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Quick Start Guide

How to Install the Bundled SoftwareHow to Use Your “WALKMAN”

1 Connect your “WALKMAN” to your computer.

USB cable (supplied)

2 Select the following order with the computer.

Select [start] - [My Computer] or [Computer] - [WALKMAN] - [Storage Media].

3 Double-click [Setup.exe].

The install wizard appears.
When you execute [Setup.exe], the [Setup.exe] file stored in the [Storage Media] folder of your “WALKMAN” is copied to your computer for backup, and WALKMAN Guide and Media Go are installed to your computer.

4 Follow the on-screen instructions.

After executing [Setup.exe], the WALKMAN Guide shortcut appears on the desktop of your computer.

5 Double-click (WALKMAN Guide) on the

desktop to start the WALKMAN Guide.
For details on transferring music, etc., refer to the User Guide included in the WALKMAN Guide.
©2011 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia


Please check the items in the package.
Headphones (1)
Earbuds (Size S, L) (1)
USB cable (1)
Attachment (1)
Use when connecting your “WALKMAN” to the cradle (not supplied), etc.
Quick Start Guide (this manual)
The software is stored in the built-in flash memory of your “WALKMAN,” and
includes the following items:
Media Go
User Guide, etc.
For details on how to install, refer to “How to Install the Bundled Software (User
Guide included)”.

About Windows Operating System

Make sure that the OS is Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or later), Windows Vista*
(Service Pack 1 or later) or Windows 7*
[Compatibility mode] for Windows XP is not supported.

How to Use your “WALKMAN”

HOME buttonCharging the Battery
The battery of your “WALKMAN” is recharged while your “WALKMAN” is
connected to a running computer.
Charging...About2 hoursChargingFully-chargedTurning your “WALKMAN” On and Off
To turn on Press any button.
To turn off Press and hold the HOME button.
You can start the WALKMAN Guide and Media Go from the [start] menu (displayed by
clicking [start]).
If you delete the [Setup.exe] file in your “WALKMAN” by formatting the built-in flash
memory of your “WALKMAN,” copy [Setup.exe] file and [Install] folder from the
[Backup] folder on the computer to your “WALKMAN.” Connect your “WALKMAN”
to the computer on which to install, and follow the above procedure from step 1 to
install. After installing, delete [Setup.exe] file and [Install] folder from your
The backup data is preserved in the following [C] drive on your computer by the default
install setting.
C:\Program Files*
\Sony\WALKMAN Guide\NWZ-A860\Backup
[Program Files(x86)] may be displayed depending on the computer OS.
What can you do with the WALKMAN Guide ?
The WALKMAN Guide includes the following items:
User Guide
The following contents can be viewed in your web browser.
Details on how to use your “WALKMAN”
How to use software to transfer content to your “WALKMAN”
Customer Registration Link
Customer Support Link
Other useful Links
Includes link information, etc., on the download site.
The bundled items differ depending on the country/region of purchase.
After executing [Setup.exe], you can use the free space in the [Storage Media] folder
more effectively by formatting the built-in flash memory of your “WALKMAN.” To
format the built-in flash memory of your “WALKMAN,” see “To initialize (format) your
“WALKMAN”” on the backside.

Transferring Music

From CDs, etc., using Media Go
Media Go supports data transfer from iTunes 10 to your “WALKMAN.
By drag-and-drop using Windows Explorer
Media Go does not support contents that use digital rights management
technology (“WM-DRM”) for Windows Media. If you transfer “WM-DRM”
contents, use Windows Media Player. Refer to “Specifications” - “Specifications” -
“Supported file format” in the User Guide (HTML document) to check if your
“WALKMAN” support “WM-DRM” contents.
For details on transferring music, videos, photos or podcasts, refer to the User
Guide. The User Guide can be readily viewed from the WALKMAN Guide.

How to Install the Bundled Software (User Guide included)

Home menuSensMe™ ChannelsFM RadioPhotosSettingsVoice RecordingVideosMusicGo to song playback screenPodcastsPlaylistsBluetoothHow to use the Home menu
The Home menu appears when you press the HOME button. The Home menu is the
starting point to play audio, search for songs, changing settings, etc.
From the Home menu, you can select the desired item on the screen by touch screen
Tap an icon, item, control button, etc., on the screen to operate your “WALKMAN.
Also, drag up or down to scroll through a list, and flick to scroll quickly through a
list or thumbnails.
Tapping to select Dragging to scroll Flicking to scroll quickly
About the manuals
In addition to this Quick Start Guide, this model is accompanied by the User
Guide (HTML document) which you can view from the WALKMAN Guide.
For details, refer to “How to Install the Bundled Software (User Guide

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