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Crank handle

Individual part name

Thank you very much for choosing Velbon tripod. Please read this manual carefully

before you start using this tripod.

Shoe leverQuick release plate QB-62ElevatorLeg tipLow angle positionKnob for leg angleSpecifications
Maximum height with ElevatorElevator movementMinimum HeightFolded lengthLeg diametersSection of legsNew weightSuggested loading weight
Each specification is based on the estimated drawings. It may change depending on the actual parts assembled.
How to attach your camera How to attach your cameraHow to install
Caution: Please hold your camera surely when attach/detach quick release plate to the camera body.
Also when install to the tripod/head, please make sure it locks firmly before you release your hand.
Locking knob
Elevator stopperGrip knob for adjustingLeg locking lever
Shoe Lever
Then plate
rises up
Shoe Lever
Bubble Leveler
Rotate shoe lever to release quick
release plate (QB-62)
Then QB-62 rises up to be slide out.
Support your camera or other
equipment with one hand,then with
the other hand gradually release the
Locking knob by turning
anti-clockwise. You are now able to
freely adjust the position of your
camera in all 3 axes (vertically,
horizontally and left –to-right) to the
desired position.
Rotate locking lever until quick-shoe
(QB-62) can be removed from the
socket. Turn camera screw clockwise
to attach QB-62 to the base of your
Place quick-shoe(QB-62) into socket
and lock in place by rotating lever.
Camera Screw
Quick-Release Plate
Shoe Lever
How to use the head
Head goes down in the case.
When carrying tripod in the case, put
head down so that you may carry
easier on the shoulder.
Watch your fingers not to be bound by
the locking lever.
Leg locking lever
How to extend legs
Rotating Grip knob for adjusting to
unlock direction as seen in above
drawing. Determining to the direction
of the extension, lock by rotating the
Grip for locking direction firmly.
How to use the elevator
Grip knob
Grip knob
Raise up
How to use the elevator
Unlocking the Elevator stopper, rotate
the Crank handle to extend the
Elevator. When the elevator extends
to the desired position, lock the
Elevator stopper firmly.
Caution: Hold your camera body while
operating elevator up/down carefully.
Tighten surely !
Caution to operate
In the positioning to horizontal way,
the center part of the Elevator may
come to Loosen. So make sure
locking the Grip Knob firmly. Tighten
all the stoppers on the head and
tripod surely.
When extending horizontal,
the head is apt to loosen
depending on the angle of
the arm.
Caution: The longer Elevator extending,
the easier to be loosen the tension of the
Stopper or Grip Knob. Please grasp the
Grip knob to hold tightly.
Locking knob
Locking knob
Lock all the stoppers on the head and
tripod, rotate head to anti-clockwise
direction to unscrew the head from
the tripod.
Screw size UNC 1/4 inch.
How to remove the head
Knob for leg angle
While legs are closed, slide the
Knob for leg angle to right till it
sounds Click to stay. Then legs are
allowed to open to the full low angle
By pushing the Reset button, the leg angle
can be back to the normal position.
Reset button
Leg- angle adjusting
Click !
Automatically leg angle is
back to left for Semi low angle
position with a click.
While closing the legs from Full low
angle position, back to the Semi low
angle position automatically, sliding to
left with a click.
Leg- angle adjusting
Click !
Slide to left further
Closing further, the leg angle
position changing to the Standard
automatically. Each leg can be
adjusted the angle independently for
standing the tripod in the uneven
Leg- angle adjusting
Watch your camera,
not to be laid down
Caution to operate
In case of setting whole unit including
the camera, lens and tripod with even
deeper angle of the Elevator
extending, be careful to be laid down
by losing the balance. Hold the Grip
Knob tightly or hold the tripod leg until
the balance become steady.
Caution: Be aware that it becomes
easier to be laid down when the Elevator
extends to the horizontal way. Please keep
holding tripod or camera in well supported
Raise the Leg locking lever to extend
the legs till desired position. Then
lock the Legs firmly. When using the
tripod legs less than fully extension,
use the upper legs than lower ones
because diameters are bigger and

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VS-443D | V36984
사용자 매뉴얼 (PDF)
최대 무게(용량)5 킬로그램
다리의 수3 개
다리 단수4
삼각대 머리QHD-53D
상품 색상검정
마운팅1/4", 3/8"
무게 및 크기
높이(최소)240 밀리미터
높이(최대)1610 밀리미터
무게1850 g
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